Christy Bouma

Christy Bouma joined the firm in the year 2000, after an 11-year teaching career in mathematics and computer sciences at the secondary and community college levels. Her classroom experience—which demanded proficient interpersonal skills, effective but down-to-earth communication, and the ability to convey complex issues in a simplistic and logical format—has served to enhance her value as a no-nonsense, compassionate advocate for her clients.              [Read More]

Meagan Subers

Meagan Subers has been an integral part of Capitol Connection since 2009. Ms. Subers provides legislative outreach and issue research services, in addition to advancing day-to-day activities through tracking legislation, attending stakeholder meetings and committee hearings, registering support or opposition for legislation and maintaining client relationships.                       [Read More]

Doug Subers

Doug Subers joined Capitol Connection in 2017, bringing nearly a decade of experience advocating before the California Legislature, regulatory agencies and the Governor’s Administration. Mr. Subers has represented clients on issues that include energy, climate change, air quality, transportation, international markets, occupational safety, emergency response and technology, among others.                       [Read More]

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