Legislative Advocacy
Develop and draft legislative proposals seeking your solution through a change in California Law.
Work with Assembly and Senate Rules Committees to assure that your legislation is assigned to the appropriate policy committee.
Build consensus for your legislative proposal, working with the Governor’s Office, Department of Finance, Legislative Analyst, potential legislative co-authors and effected state agencies as well as public and private stakeholders.
Meet with Legislators who serve on the policy and fiscal committees where your legislation will be heard.
Shepherd your legislation through both houses of the Legislature and work to secure signature by the Governor.
Defeat or amend legislation sponsored by others, which is contrary to your best interests.
  Administrative Advocacy

Represent you before state administrative bodies (including the Board of Equalization, Franchise Tax Board, Public Utilities Commission, Commission on State Mandates, Cal-OSHA Standards Board, Public Employee Retirement Board and other regulatory agencies) regarding the drafting of regulations, in order to ensure appropriate application of the law in the protection of your interests.
  Legislative Screening

Review and screen the many thousands of bills introduced each year for provisions that impact your organization/company and monitor the progress of those measures that you have indicated are important to you.

Produce written reports and presentations on legislation, budget actions and regulatory activities of importance to you.
  Legal Opinions

Pursue Legislative Counsel and Attorney General opinions to clarify the application of certain provisions of California Law of interest to you.